How Gender Identity and Sexual Prefernce are Impacted by Sexual Assault

In treating PTSD and childhood traumas, I experience that sexual assault can wreak havoc on adult sexuality. In this video, I will explain how childhood sexual assault impacts sexual preference and/or gender identity.

Shame and Intrinsic Shame

When recovering from addiction via 12 steps, via treatment for addiction or on your own, shame is n emotional dynamic at play and understanding the two levels of shame can make a difference between sustained recovery and relapse.

Moving Beyond Forgiveness

Forgiveness helps us let go and move on and no doubt a well-timed "I' m Sorry" can help us repair some misunderstanding. There are times when forgiving is difficult and in this video I will show how forgiveness can even not be in our best interest. Survivors of trauma often wrestle with how to forgive what seems unforgivable. Here is an alternative that as well facilitates letting go.

Mind vs Consciousness

There is a lot of confusion over whether consciousness ends when we die. That is based on a belief that our brain is home to consciousness. A wrinkle in this theory is the several instances when someone flatlines on the operating table and is resuscitated. Click here to read more now!